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PERL Web Application Maintanance &

You still have to manage a legacy Perl-based web application that needs maintenance, enhancement, or bug fixing. Don’t worry, we have got you covered!

No matter if it’s a simple Perl CGI website or a complex Web portal built on an OOP layer with different user personas, we can cater to all your requirements. If you’re looking to hire Perl developers, we are just an email away from you. Reach out to us, and let our engineers take care of the rest.



Most of the time, legacy Perl applications would need a cosmetic facelift to give them a modern outlook, even though they work perfectly at a functional level. In those good olden days when Perl was extensively used for web development (when it competed with Ruby on Rails or PHP), HTML and CSS were comparably primitive.

The data was mostly presented using table tags, and the designs were never mobile-friendly. Now that modern HTML presents everything in a div and uses responsive design, the first thing that a Perl app would love to have is a cosmetic redesign.


Functional Enhancement

High-speed Internet has opened revolutionary ideas over the last decades, and social media has influenced the lives of each of us. Desktop applications took a back seat when modern web applications revolutionized the IT industry. This demanded parallel solutions and user experience in web applications.

Plenty of new features like content sharing via social media, SSO login, payment gateway integration, cloud solutions, etc. opened up a new world of possibilities. Perl applications might need to accommodate these changes in order to keep up with the industry while doing their normal jobs smoothly.



Even though Perl applications can be supported and maintained, sometimes we might need a complete application port to other modern languages like Python, NodeJS, etc. This can be due to one of the following reasons:


  1. scarcity of Perl developers
  2. Developers are too expensive.
  3. Future maintenance would be tough.

Our engineers can help you with application porting from Perl to any of your preferred languages without losing the integrity of the old application.


Automation Scripting

 Even today, Perl is extensively used by server administrators to automate many repetitive tasks like backup, monitoring, log analysis, etc. Perl has a powerful regex engine, which makes it easy to process and manipulate long sequences such as DNA and proteins.


Web Scraping

Web scraping is another interesting area where Perl has shown its strength. There are some simple yet powerful CPAN modules like Mechanise, HTML::Parser, etc., which make the developer’s job easy. Coupled with proxy IP pools, Perl can do wonders at scraping data from information websites.


Next time you find any Perl requirements, think of Sparksupport

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