Area of Expertise

“Expertise for all your Enterprise Software Needs”

Web Application Development

Be it a plain HTML web site or a custom web portal with complex logics, we offer the best solution for you.

We adapt the latest web technologies and processes like HTML5, jQuery, NoSQL databases, Evented I/O, Wowza Streaming servers and Cloud Platforms to safe, secure and reliable web development services.

Although the server-side languages that we primarily focus upon are PHP, Perl and Python, we have developers proficient in other technologies also.

Mobile Application Development

With the popularity of Smart phones, it has become a requisite for every web portal to have a mobile version of its kind to reach the audience.

We have great expertise in mobile development tool kits like Appcelerator, Sencha, PhoneGap etc.

Browser Extension

Ultimately, users experience the power of Internet via browsers. Browser extensions and add-ons are used to extend the features of a browser. These plug-ins exercise great control over the browser mechanics and major browsers has their own guidelines and tool-kits to develop browser extensions.

We have profound expertise in developing custom browser extensions for common browsers like Chrome and FireFox.

CMS Customization

From a technical and cost effectiveness perspective, customized CMS web applications will be ideal for SMB websites'.

We have deep expertise free CMS softwares like Wordpress, Moodle and Joomla. Widgets like news, latest updates, categories etc, is easy to incorporate in such sites.

With proper theming and customization, CMS provides a great competitive platform in web application development.

Open Source Software Customization

OpenSource softwares' are always an excellent choice for your IT needs, as it translates to substantial cost savings and time.

This is where SparkSupport's developmental expertise can delight you. Our team has hands-on expertise on various Open-Source softwares, both web based and stand-alone desktop applications.

Automation Scripts

A wide range of Server-Admin tasks can be automated using the scripting languages like Perl, Bash, VB, BATCH etc. Server Backup, System Cleanup, Software Updates, Robots, Scraping etc are a few from the list.

By writing intelligent scripts, we will let you unleash the real power of computing and enhance your business.