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Why is DRM crucial for digital content?


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Wowza in its latest move has teamed up with EZDRM to boost its content security in Wowza streaming cloud. Digital Rights Management (DRM) is essential for content distributors to protect their premium contents from piracy or illegal redistribution.
It is a fact that live streaming and digital content through OTT is going to surpass the pay TV concept by the advent of 2024. This was stated by the findings from Strategy Analytics. It proves the necessity of DRM to protect their contents.
Wowza being one of the leading streaming platforms is already equipped with most of the leading DRM provider services. Wowza Streaming Cloud now supports all major studio-approved DRM providers, including Apple FairPlay, Google Widevine, and Microsoft PlayReady. Video content is encrypted on the fly with media keys protected by one or more DRM licensing systems, preventing playback until validated.
In streaming it is again vital to have a backup plan to counter proprietary streaming technologies like Apple HLS, for this we can make use of MPEG-DASH, the open standard for HTTP-based adaptive bitrate streaming. As the default protocol for YouTube and Netflix, DASH ensures high-quality streaming experiences across various devices.
Sparksupport being an expert with Wowza streaming cloud can cater any streaming requirements for your mobile/web applications.

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