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Meta invests in Python Software Foundation


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Meta’s investment in the Python Software Foundation helps support the Python ecosystem. Python Software has received $300,000 in Visionary level sponsorship from Meta

Off late there has been a huge buzz around the metaverse or Meta. It is definitely going to be the future of technology as people will start experiencing the Virtual world just like the way everyone got hooked up with mobile phones and the internet.
Python plays an important role in building the backend, optimizing and scaling the technology of Meta. Needless to say the news is out that Meta has made a sponsorship of $300000 for its PSF (Python Software Foundation) that will provide critical support to the PSF and fund a second year of the successful Developer-in-Residence program.
Some of the technologies of Python which Meta is heavily banking on are:
Pytorch: It is built on Python which is accelerating the path from ML research and prototyping to production within Meta and across the open source ML ecosystem.
Cinder is Meta’s performance-oriented version of Python that allows Instagram to run at global scale.
Pyre is a performant type-checker used by thousands of Python developers in Meta.
It is undoubtedly worth noting that learning these above technologies will boost your career as you are about to be a part of future technology by having these skills. Spark has skilled Python developers who have mastered these skills.

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