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Technical Skills
Mail Server
Software Versioning Tools
Monitoring Tools
Load Balancing
High Availability Tools
Media Server
Public Cloud
Private Cloud
Configuration management tools
Entry-level Engineer
Experience : 1- 2 years
Centos, Red Hat,Ubuntu
Apache, Nginx,Lighthttpsd
Postgresql, Mysql
Exim, Qmail
Nagios, Zabbix
LVM, iscsi
Expert Engineer
Experience : 5- 7 years
Centos, Debian, Suse, Red Hat,Mint,Ubuntu
Apache, Nginx, Lighthttpsd
Postgresql, Mysql
Exim, Qmail, Postfix, PowerMTA
SVN, Git
Nagios, Opennms, Zabbix, Zenoss
Glusterfs, ceph,sheepdog, LVM, iscsi
Rsync, bacula, r1soft
KVM, Xen, Virtualbox, ESXi
Pound, HA-Proxy
Pacemaker, DRBD
Wowza, red5
AWS, Rackspace, Onapp
Openstack, Opennebula, OpenQrm,
Bash, Perl, Python
Puppet, Chef
Asterisk, astercrm,freeswitch, a2billing
Intermediate Engineer
Experience : 2- 5 years
Centos, Debian, Red Hat,Ubuntu
Apache, Nginx,
Postgresql, Mysql
Exim, Qmail, Postfix
Nagios, Zabbix,
Glusterfs, sheepdog, LVM, iscsi
Rsync, bacula, r1soft
KVM, Xen,
Pound, HAProxy
Pacemaker, DRBD
Wowza, red5
Full Time Hiring
40 hours/week
Total: 160 hours/mo
Minimum Period of hiring:2 Months
As per customers time zones
Best suited for continuous work,bulk projects and for time constrained projects
Assigned Engineer works
solely for your organisation
Billing: Monthly
Part Time Hiring
20 hours/week
Total: 80 hours/mo
No Minimum Period of hiring
As per customers time zones
Best suited for short projects and/or bug
fixes & maintenance
Assigned Engineer works
on more than one project at a time
Billing: Monthly
Hourly Hiring
Any Duration
Minimum : 10 Hours
As per office hours
Best suited for trial jobs or one time short
Available Engineer works as and
when required by the client.
Billing : Weekly Advance
Service Level Agreement

160 hours of guaranteed work per Month.

Correct task estimation and quality development.

Daily Reporting, Direct Communication (Skype, Telephone), Fast Email Response.

100 % Strict Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement (NDA) with our developers.

100% IP and Data Protection

International level infrastructure.

Excellent English communication Skills

No customer lock-ins,ability to cancel agreement on just 30 day prior notice period

In such rare cases,we also enable smooth transition/knowledge transfer to get accustomed to your projects.

We guarantee high-quality and cost-effective services.

Payment can be made based bi-weekly and monthly