We believe in employee delight.

Team SparkSupport:

Team work is the key success, here at SparkSupport. Our team is absolutely proactive when it comes to our customers needs and strives to deliver excellence, every single time. Our team work leads to innovative and productive ideas, increased customer satisfaction and higher quality output.

Continuous Learning:

Our policies give ample opportunities to the employees to learn a lot as they work. Our employees are always equipped with latest trends in technology. We also organize tech seminars where eminent personalities deliver speeches.

Team Building Activities:

We regularly organize various team building activities to foster team work among our workforce. We believe indulging in such activities can teach employees to cooperate and work more efficiently.

Rewards and Recognition:

Recognition is the part of Sparklife and we ensure that no efforts would are left unrecognized and unrewarded. We respect team and individual contribution and appreciate such loyalty, diligence and efforts through quarterly awards and annual awards, SparkSupport's most prestigious annual award "The Best Sparkian award" is presented in the month of December every year.

The Spark Day

The Spark Day is special in more ways than one for its people. Its an annual celebration day wherein our team showcases their extra-curricular talents.

Fun @ Work

We incorporate fun into every aspect of our work. We organize regular outings, parties and games. Our employee friendly HR policies are framed in such a way that it focus on results that positively impact our employees' growth.

Celebrations @ SparkSupport

Celebrations do not need an excuse at SparkSupport. We make a big deal out of every success, be it individual or collective effort. We believe that celebrations are a great way to create a positive harmony, bond and goodwill at the workplace.