Introducing Spark Eduportal

Gone are the days of ppt, pdf and text content for learning, now it’s the era of Video content for learning. Our product Spark Eduportal is India’s first secure Recorded and Live Video content based Learning management solution. It provides a Simple, Easy and Self Paced Learning platform to its users. It can be considered as a Parallel learning solution apart from the traditional methods.

99% of customers who had learned about Spark Eduportal had shown interest in using it, wouldn’t you be interested?

Features :

Quick Setup

User friendly Interface for creating and managing multiple Departments, Trainers and Trainees. Option to create bulk students with the help of CSV.

Easy Video Course Creation

Each Trainer can create multiple Video courses. Create your own video content and upload multiple videos to each of this courses.

Assessment Tests

Trainer can also create Multiple choice questions test for the trainees who had enrolled to the course.

Stream Live Classes

Trainer can conduct Real-time Live Classes with Trainees and interact with them using group chat.

Self paced Learning

Trainees can access the Learning Video contents anytime, anywhere and complete the courses by fully watching the videos and taking the tests.

Event Scheduler

Events can be scheduled and notified to the trainees and trainers.

Benefits of Eduportal:

Centralized Learning Content : Each employee of an organization should be trained and fine tuned to the day to day activities, goals and management expectations and can create learning content, distribute it to your entire organization, track completions, and build a powerful community all in a single.

Track the Progress: You have control over the entire learning process with an LMS. That means you can pull data on everything from :

  • Logins
  • How many courses they have completed?
  • Time they spend in a day, week or month to participate in the learning process.
  • How many tests they have completed for the courses.
  • This gives a complete idea whether to tweak your current system, add more contents and a sense of how learners are engaged with the system.

    Instructor Led Training : If you have a dispersed audience Eduportal allows you to cater training sessions across these multiple locations. Instructor can give invitations and also send reminders about the session to the participants. Live Streaming session will allow Instructor share the screen, text chat with the participants.

    Recognize Positive Behaviors: A Video LMS gives you several different options for learner participation. It allows you to assign points to things like logging in, completing a course, or answering questions on a forum.

    Highly Secure:

  • All the videos uploaded are highly secure in our cloud.
  • Only registered and authenticated users are allowed to access the portal.
  • The logs of login and logout, time spent etc are stored in our records.
  • Admin has complete control of creating, deleting and suspending the user accounts.
  • Prompt Support :

  • Fast and diligent support.
  • Receive a personalized response.
  • Experienced people focused on your success.
  • Our customer success team will understand your goals and work with you to achieve them.
  • Additional Services

    We are extremely happy to show case you a live demo of the product. It is quite natural that every organization has their own custom requirements. We can adapt those changes in our product and thus enabling a complete learning solution for you.