What we offer

Remote Dedicated Staffing Services

Our remote staffing model offers dedicated server engineers who work remotely under flexible contracts. As the IT industry demands more skilled resources, we provide qualified professionals for IT infrastructure management. This allows you to focus on your core business while we handle Server Management, Server Monitoring, and Application Management.

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Remote Dedicated IT staffing


On-Demand Dedicated Team

You can get a professional software development team from sparkSupport in India that has a wealth of knowledge in many different sectors. We empower organizations with our experienced internal development team, established development methodology, and cutting-edge technologies.


Maintenance Teams

With this team structure, we offer multi-level end-user support as well as evolutionary functionality upgrades. We offer specialized teams to supervise the ongoing release of your unique software product.


Full-Service Development Teams

In this team style, based on ready-to-use IT infrastructure, we offer full-time dedicated software development teams to handle the end-to-end delivery of your IT project. Here, you can change the order of priority and submit requests for changes.

Our process

In order to guarantee prompt delivery to our clients, our team uses an agile web app development process. Here is how it all works:

Post Your Requirement

Discuss Project Feasibility

Choose Engagement Model

Deploy Team, Sign-Off and Start

Why sparksupport ?

A personnel pool that is globally trained and qualified and matches your company needs.

All holidays are covered by the availability of 24-7-365.

Substantial cost-effectiveness

Direct communication with your devoted programmers allows you to provide them work right away.

Less turnover among the IT workforce.

All intellectual property rights to be completed so that the product would remain yours, therefore security and reserved copyrights are required.

Reduce the amount of downtime that your business processes experience, which will increase customer happiness.

You can rely on us to provide you with round-the-clock assistance and quickly find solutions.

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