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DevOps Consultation

Every stakeholder involved in a software release cycle should share responsibility for the cycle’s success. Including developers, the operation team, the server team, etc. To that end, DevOps Consultation must be put into practice. Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery is a DevOps practice that will speed up software delivery, boost service reliability, and ultimately make it auditable. More rapid and reliable application releases are possible with DevOps than with conventional development methods. Hire DevOps developers team for efficient and uncompromised DevOps Consultation.



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Configuration as a code

Our DevOps Engineers make use of configuration management tools like Ansible and Chef for managing and configuring from a bare metal OS into a fully functional node like a swarm host node. It helps in automating, accelerating and Integrating and provides an auditable life cycle.



When you hire a DevOps engineer, We make sure that he has the right expertise in implementing Docker’s benefits. Using Docker containers, the complete CI/CD procedure of DevOps may be carried out. The containers make life easy for the developers as they can pick it and run with ease.


CI /CD server

Spark’s DevOps Engineers team works as Remote DevOps Engineers who can configure and implement the orchestration tools like Jenkins , Crircle CI, Travis etc. These tools are widely known for its capabilities i.e building, testing, and deploying. Because of their immense strength, they play a crucial role in DevOps automations.


ELK stack

Hire Devops developers who can implement the ELK Stack thanks to Spark. Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana combined solution is the most common log analytics solution in the modern IT world. It collects logs from all services, applications, networks, tools, servers,  more in a processing and analysis environment in a single, centralized location.


Docker Swarm

Our DevOps teams are expertised in developing Docker, when the application becomes sophisticated and demands the use of the same on many host machines. Docker Swarm enables you to employ several docker engines running on various hosts simultaneously as an orchestration tool.



It would be difficult to monitor your services, when they are spread over numerous stacks and clusters with traditional monitoring tools. Our DevOps Engineers have extensive experience with a wide range of monitoring solutions that have been tailored for the Docker environment.


Version controllers

According to Spark’s DevOps Engineers, the DevOps principles won’t be fully transparent without a distributed versioning management system like Git and SVN. It is simple to work offline or remotely.



A little more sophisticated than Docker swarm, Kubernetes can be used by our remote DevOps team. The application containers can be scaled up and down with no downtime.


Intelligent log analysis

With the use of predefined rules, our remote devops engineers can customize the ELK centralized logging stack and Prometheus monitoring stack to identify anomalies in logs and warn the appropriate teams in time for them to take preemptive action before end users do.


Tools for Docker ecosystem

Spark DevOps Engineers have expertise with a variety of solutions that are available to satisfy specific requirements of a production-ready docker cluster. Some of them are Caddy and Traefik. Logsout, Nodeexporter, Cadvisor, Proxysql, Consul, etc.

Our process

In order to guarantee prompt delivery to our clients, our team uses an agile DevOps software development service process. Here is how it all works:


Post Your Requirement

Discuss Project Feasibility

Choose and Deploy Team

NDA &SLA Sign off and Start

Why sparksupport ?

Reduce Cost Upto 50%

You can cut the cost of employing a DevOps staff by up to 50%.

Quicker Time-to-Market

Receive the ideal QA plan, the most suitable resources, and project management advice.

Future-proof Solutions

Get software solutions built with the newest tools & technologies that are future-ready.

Finding Top IT Talents

Obtain the chance to collaborate with the top 1% of DevOps software engineers.

Cost-Effectively Manage IT Systems

We’ll help you enable fast scaling and reasonably priced support.

Innovation & Compete

Get our R&D team’s creative and strategic solutions for your project.

Enhance Your Service

Your procedures can be automated by the DevOps team at SparkSupport to ensure high-quality user service.

Ensure Operation Agility

Utilizing cutting-edge technologies like cloud, AI, RPA, etc., develop comprehensive solutions.

Boost Operations

With creative solutions, we can increase the adaptability and productivity of your company.

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