Data Center Management

Data centers are successful only when the infrastructure underlying is highly available with maximum efficiency and reliability. To ensure this, complete and optimum management of data center is essential. At the same time, reduction of operational costs, lower environmental impact and ensuring IT compliance is very important. These objectives are hard to achieve without specialist assistance.

To meet your unique business requirements, SparkSupport offers four tiers of comprehensive support. We help to manage data centers' across various platforms and support these with world class reliability and security. All these support services are performed by a group of in house, globally certified engineers with a 24/7 availability.

Services We Offer

Server Management and Consolidation

Our globally certified, expert engineers can efficiently manage your server which optimizes your business performance. Server consolidation through virtualizing the data-center combined with effective usage of existing computing &storage capacity will translate to tremendous cost effectiveness.

Network and Server Monitoring

Event based monitoring of servers and routing devices is required to maintain high availability of servers. We have a 24/7 monitoring team who can take actions on alerts coming from monitoring tools and ensuring 99.99% uptime.

Capacity and Backup Management

Without proper capacity and backup planning, risk of businesses' relying on IT will at stake. Our right combination of practices tools and expertise will hep youmeet your requirement.

Database Administration Services

Data stored in data bases' needs to monitored with high priority. We are capable of maintaining high-availability of databases. We adopt methods to back up the database on the fly at regular intervals

Security Management

Intrusion detection systems and network Security is quintessential for the efficient functioning of a data center. Our solutions are supported by experts with profound expertise in Security management.

Data center Automation

There are lot of repetitive tasks in a data center. Our expert engineers automates this process with the right set of tools thereby optimizing your time and resources.

Storage area Networks

CIO's are still struggling to find a right SAN solution for their IT department. Our team of experts will help you to identify the right cost effective solution that adheres to your requirements.

Load Balancing Solutions

Hardware or Software load balancers is required for high traffic web portals for seamless service delivery. Our experienced engineers can help you in setting up and configuring these tools for maximum performance.