Case study

Web/Mobile app solution for multiple payment gateways.

Client Profile:

The client is a Cryptotect, software architect, fintech, commerce & digital payments strategist, who is the co-founder of an interesting web/mobile app solution named vBarter Exchange.

Client Requirement:

  • Migrate the legacy application & DB from old server to cloud
  • Give Individual Merchants the ability to customize their platform.
  • Add an additional Payment Gateway and an option for the admin to switch between those.

Key Challenges:

  • Large Code Base with no documentation
  • Most of the dependencies were outdated when migrated to the new platform.

SparkSupport Solution:

  • Spark reskinned the application with a new design developed at sparksupport designs dept.
  • Customized the perl code to incorporate multiple payment gateways
  • Defragmented the whole HTML template structure to give options to the individual merchants to customize their market places.

Impact on Business:

  • Multiple Payment Gateway implementation allowed the client to do business with different Banking partners¬†
  • Custom Marketplaces allowed the merchants to brand their products and business.


Perl – Catalyst, Mason, Postgres