Case study

Webrtc Real Time Streaming using Wowza Cloud Livestream.

Client Profile:

Webrtc Real Time Streaming is self-service live streaming, marketing, and ticketing platform, Make money Monetize events through ticket sales.

Client Requirement:

  • Client was facing issues on video streaming.
  • Client wanted a Webrtc Real Time Streaming using Wowza Cloud Livestream.

Key Challenges:

  • The Project was handed over to us from another team so we were very cautious when doing the real time implementation.

SparkSupport Solution:

  • Initially We Implemented the webrtc real time using wowza cloud for a maximum of 100-300 playback users then later the requirement was changed to more than 300 users but wowza cloud allows only a maximum of 300 users so we have checked other options and later came to know about the new service called Real-Time Streaming at Scale that Wowza provides.
  • We discussed this to the client and showed a demo of the same and they were impressed with the Real-Time Streaming at Scale service. So we reimplemented the application with this new service.

Impact on Business:

  • Real time streaming is better than ever.


NodeJs, Angular, Postgres