Case study

Secure and private real time communication solution

Project Profile

This messenger is an enterprise messaging app which is supposed to be used in a closed environment. It focuses on delivering high quality, secure and private communication within an organization. 

Client Requirement

The client needed to implement a private and secure communication solution within an organization by allowing the organization to control the user data without the involvement of any third party services.

  • Secure chats
  • Encrypted vault
  • VoIP/Video calls
  • Address book
  • Group chats 
  • Message revoking
  • Push notifications 

Key Challenges

Design and Integration of features such as Encrypted vault and Address book on top of a Matrix client which is an open-source technology.

Setting up of VoIP push notifications.

Spark Support’s Solution

We developed a messaging solution on top of a Matrix client Element, which allows decentralized, private and secure communication. Also, integrated advanced features such as Encrypted vault and Address book.

Impact on Business

Technology Used


Matrix SDK

Element Matrix client

Apple push notifications

Synapse server