Case study

Digital platform for procuring dedicated engineers for various industries

Client Profile

We built a digital platform, developed keeping both sides of the market in our mind and sustainability in our heart. The daily requirement of a buyer is to find a new supplier, a new product, a new partnership, a new employee and new equipment. We fulfill this by bringing sellers, service providers and equipment lease, to a dedicated engineering procurement platform. This is founded by a team of professionals with collective industrial experience of 80 years in Oil & Gas Industry , Construction Industry, Cyber Security, Human Resource & Project Management.


Clients Requirement

Our mission is to introduce the concept of Cloud Warehouse for excess material information. Enhance employability by introducing the concept of Talent Cloud for skill redistribution. Finally guarantee improved margins for all our sellers and to reduce cost with improvement in lead time for our buyers

 Key Challenges

 Hooper – Third party API Integrations.

 Technology Used

 PHP, Laravel, Jquery