Case study

Online ordering platform with commission free delivery

Client Profile:

This online ordering platform is the most powerful online marketing platform coupled with hyper-local customer acquisition programs that allow you to zero in on nearby consumers and bring them into your store more often.

Client Requirement:

  • Billing solution for the orders.
  • Fetch Order details from Shipday.
  • Automatically Generate the invoice for merchants and make payment for each invoice.
  • Send an Email to Each restaurant merchant after the Payment.
  • Create an Admin Panel for admin  (functionalities – add market, add restaurants, add adjustments for the invoices, view reports(profit report, monthly summary reports) according to the selected time zones.

Key Challenges:

  • Shipday Integration: it is a third-party Website for Dispatch Delivery.
  • Payment integration(, NMI,etc)

SparkSupport Solution:

  • Fetch Order details every 20 minutes and update the DB for creating the invoices.
  • Auto generation of daily merchant invoices that will deduct the amount from the merchant account automatically as the same will be notified to the Merchant via email. Invoice generation is done in off-peak hours so as to not affect system performance in peak hours.

Impact on Business:

  • Auto Invoice generation system ACH(Automated Clearing House) helped the client to reduce manual interventions in invoice generation and payments. 


Python – Django, Angular, Postgres