Case study


Client Profile:

The client is the CEO and Founder of Direct2Pro who has a Masters degree in Psychology, Folklore and Mythology. He is always specific and has clear ideas about his requirements.

Client Requirement:

He came to us with an old fashioned website running on an outdated OS version. He wanted to migrate the application to the latest stable version OS / environment. He also wanted to change the complete cosmetics of the app and add more features to it.

We reskinned the app using modern HTML and Bootstrap CSS framework. Backend was built in custom perl modules along with HTML mason for HTML rendering. 

The application itself was written in a generic manner foreseeing that it can be easily extended to cater various verticals – like Models, Locations, Crew etc. 

Key Challenges:

  • It was an old legacy application with zero documentation. Our developers had to read the code to conceive the idea and make changes according to clients requirements.
  • There were many TRIGGERs and CONSTRAINTs defined in the MySQL database. So any change in the db structure demanded high attention.
  • New requirements were not foreseen while the application was initially developed. So adding new requirements had high chances of introducing new bugs in existing functions.

SparkSupport Solution:

  • SparkSupport migrated the entire database and application to AWS cloud running on the latest OS / environment. We carefully analyzed the requirements shared by the client as projects/tasks and implemented them one by one. Most of the time, it was hell of a job to read the code and understand the logic used by the original developers.

Impact on Business:

  • Yet to go Live
  • New site has a fresh modern look and will definitely bring good business to the client.


Perl – mod_perl, HTML::Mason, DBIx::Class, Custom OOP Perl, Bootstrap