Case study

A one stop solution for supervision using PowerApps

Client Profile:

Client had most of their employees in the field work and it has become literally impossible for his organization to track, trace and manage them. Using excel sheets for data collection and calling them over the phone has resulted in a lot of communication gap and has started affecting his business. 


Our team created an App using PowerApps which  provides a one stop solution for the supervisor , manager’s and Audit Review team, to review the failure/ compliance job done by the field user. In the past there was no means to track the job failure or rectify until it’s submitted by the supervisor, with the new app Supervisors and Manager can review the one going jobs and in case of failure they can rectify them and submit the supporting pics/document. Using the audit app, the audit team is able to review all the failures and in case the job is not as expected then it can be sent back for rectification. 

We as a team suggested this app to track and review the field jobs. App provides the team to track all the ongoing rectification, provides an option to view all the past rectification, all of its supporting documentation and an automatic system to notify the relevant team with regards to a rectification. This app also provides an option to view and download the submitted jobs in pdf format.

As an end user of the app, the Audit team was very happy as we were able to provide them a one stop solution for all the team, track and work on the rectification.