Case study

A multi purpose PowerApp for onsite engineers with 3 divisions: Event reporting, Fleet and Noticing section

Client Profile:

WorkSite Support App is a multi-purpose app for onsite engineers of the company. It includes 3 divisions : Event Reporting, Fleet and Noticing sections. Event Reporting helps a user in reporting events such as accidents, strike, Vehicle Theft, Near Miss, etc. It captures information if any event happens to a human/Equipment/ Vehicle in the process of working.

It helps the company  in prompt action such as Insurance, replacement of equipment etc.

Fleet captures safety check ,security check ,Audit Check , Gate Check of vehicles in use. It basically keeps track of all vehicles in use and its condition.

Noticing is used for capturing permit details like Digging, Variation and Extension. Also, once a permit is complete it captures site details and whether work was successful or not, cleaned or not etc. 

For all sections power automate flows created which generate PDF containing the details of each job and sent to requested person through back office app.

Also, managers view the details and progress through a power bi dashboard.

Tools used:

PowerApps, power automation and power bi

As an end user of the app, the whole team was very happy as we were able to save their time in collecting and sorting out the details.